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Each room a story: immerse yourself in the magic of staying in Valle d’Aosta

Sweet dreams at high altitude

Café Quinson was born as a gourmet restaurant in Valle d’Aosta, but to guarantee a complete experience, we have created 6 bedrooms, all different and all with a story to tell. Choose your favourite room and enjoy a charming and romantic stay lulled by our environments cared for in every detail.

Each room is inspired by the winemaking traditions of our family and recalls the agricultural work and the passion for the simplest and most archaic tradition without neglecting comfort and beauty. Every detail has been designed and made by us, with authentic materials, wood and precious stone, and the name of each room recalls that of a local vineyard.

Just like our vineyards, the rooms are located in two areas of the house. In the south wing, we find Laruie and Granclou, while in the north wing, Poiette, Peutache, Traméjon and Lohil. All of them are accessible by elevator.

A magical place to stay in Morgex, among the silence of the mountain and a welcoming and refined atmosphere.


Lohile Room

The atmosphere of the Morgex vineyards and a sauna all to yourself

Traméjon Room

The wisdom of the vignerons for a good night’s sleep

Granclou Room

To rest among the poetry of ancient farming woods

Peutache Room

Relaxation and intimacy among history and wellness

Poiette Room

Sleep peacefully and comfortably among memories and antiquity

Laruie Room

Pampering and protection between Valle d’Aosta and the Himalayas

Relying on our catering service in Valle d’Aosta means choosing excellence, boundless goodness and the perfect success of your event.


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